We Are Search introduce their new Judging Panel Chair of Standards – David Edmundson-Bird

We Are Search run seven search awards around the globe and are known for their ethical and transparent judging process, which they believe makes them unique and the most valuable in B2B business, which is why the appointment of David Edmundson-Bird is such a coo!

David Edmundson-Bird is Principal Lecturer in Digital at Manchester Metropolitan University. Working in Digital since 1990 David, a third of the collective that bring us the Digital Business and E-Commerce Management book that is all things current in the digital world. David’s specialities include: Digital Marketing using interactive technologies, development of interactive marketing strategies and use of social networking infrastructures for marketing and advertising.

Nicky Wake, Managing Director says ‘working with David Edmundson-Bird highlights the prestige and authenticity that is associated with our awards, something that is essential to business accolades if they are to add real value and recognition. Our search awards cannot be bought and neither are they are a popularity contest – our judges are the very best in the business and we are delighted David has joined the team.’

David has been judging awards for over 12 years and admits some of the judging practices he has come across are ‘murky’ which is why he is keen to explain his reasons for working with We Are Search.

‘Manchester Metropolitan University is an essential part of the business community and we want to be involved in the change that ensures Digital Awards are respected, valued and celebrates great practice from organisations in the real world. There needs to be standards across the digital industry.’

David is passionate about ensuring consistent, objective judging that is fair and where the winner is the winner because of the merit of their work, not because it is a popularity contest or worse, financed. David says ‘It is important that all award entrants understand the award process and that their work is given conscientious, trustworthy feedback that is easily understood and provides the foundations for innovation, creativity and future award entries. That is why working with We Are Search is so important to ensuring ethical transparency, industry standards and rightful winners.’

We Are Search have 200 reputable industry experts who work on their judging panel and pride themselves on their ethical, transparent two step judging process, they even provide tips for entry organisation to ensure everyone entering has a genuine opportunity to take home their prized accolades.

If you are contemplating entering awards then the Search Award series are the ones that reward business merit and add real value.

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