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The Polish SEO and SEM market is a unique market. At least several solutions used in global markets have been tested in Poland much earlier. We have a lot of competition and there are many great specialists. At the same time, we are a market so large that we have SEM tools fighting for attention in global markets. I invite you to get to know some of them – like Senuto, Semstorm, Clusteric and Surfer SEO. 

First of all, what are the main advantages of Polish tools?

Senuto: is the largest database of keywords and domain visibility which is constantly updated, using machine learning and big data in tools. It integrates with the most popular Google tools used by SEO specialists, which allows you to seamlessly incorporate Senuto into everyday use. Senuto API is available from the Advanced package. It also has efficient support and an extensive knowledge base.  

SEMSTORM is an all-in-one solution for search engine marketing.

What does it mean? The platform will help you make the right decisions at every stage of your digital marketing campaign. You can better understand your clients’ needs due to keyword questions and create relevant and optimized content. SEMSTORM lets you plan an SEO strategy and use rank tracking to check the results of web page optimization. Moreover, SEMSTORM provides data from multiple sources, such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Google, Yandex or Seznam.

Clusteric has two main advantages. First, is the number of different metrics taken into consideration. The user has access to more than 100 parameters gathered in one place.The second advantage is the versatility. Users can benefit from one of the 9 analysis modes (further divided into 14 analysis modes depending on the analysis complexity). “Small SEO tools” are a great addition to the main analysis modes. Users are allowed to define their own analyses as well.

SurferSEO – lets everyone who owns a website or writes and seos get access to an advanced, real-time dataset. It helps perform a comprehensive, data-driven SEO analysis that makes strategizing much easier. At the same time, all the data are presented in a simple, digestible format, with specific guidelines on how to improve the site’s position in SERPs. Secondly, Surfer does wonders for SEO agencies looking to streamline positioning processes. Quick analyses, automated, precise guidelines, and the ability to quickly create SEO-optimized content help save a lot of time and effort.

Why were they created? What’s the history behind these tools?

Senuto was created in response to Damian – co-founders’ need, which he recognized while working in one of the largest interactive agencies in Poland. He was working with many large clients at the time and needed tools to standardize and speed up individual tasks. He did not find them on the market, so he decided to create them with his team, which has been growing constantly since 2015 and now has 30 people

The history of SEMSTORM starts in 2012, in a marketing agency. We launched a prototype for the SEO department, where we worked at that time. It turned out that the new system has great potential.  We decided to publish it for free, for everyone. We saw that marketers use it intensively. There were suggestions for development, as well as initial declarations of purchase. To develop the tool as expected, we decided to leave our home agency. We thought that it would be unethical to sell the SEO tool and at the same time provide such services for our clients. This is how SEMSTORM was born.

The first version of Clusteric Auditor concentrated on the link profile audit. More “link-based” analysis modes have been released shortly after as similar parameters or rating formulas can be applied to link prospecting or expired domains selection.
At the current stage of the development, Clusteric is a nearly complete SEO tool which can be applied at any point of SEO optimization process – from competition analysis and keyword difficulty estimation, through the on-site audit to link profile analysis.

SurferSEO started as an in-house tool for the KS, a digital marketing agency. Its goal was to automate the everyday tiresome processes of on-page optimization efforts. It turned out to be a massive successthe efficiency and effectiveness of SEOs raised tenfold. They manage to drastically shorten the average analysis time and minimize human errors. KS agency could raise their efforts, boost its performance, and take in more clients without compromising the quality of their services.

The most important questions – how it works, and why is it worth using it? 

Senuto is worth using at every stage of SEO activities. The data you find there will help you with i.e. analyzing the visibility history of the selected page on Google, checking the keywords of the domain or checking the effects of your SEO activities.

Professionals whose job is to position the website in organic search results must work with data. It’s perfect, if they could be as fresh as possible and as many as possible (big data). With this, it’s possible to see dependencies, draw conclusions and make the right business decisions.

Senuto provides such data as well as tools for their interpretation.

SEMSTORM is a valuable source of data for both marketers and entrepreneurs. The tool helps you check the SEO strategy of your competitors and extend your keywords list with effective phrases. Position monitoring allows you to analyze how the website visibility changes. Every day the system provides you with recent data on the web page position to selected phrases. You can also check Google Ads of your rivals. It is also important that SEMSTORM get keyword data in real-time. So you will always receive relevant phrase suggestions. The tool will help you optimize a web page for foreign markets. SEMSTORM provides keyword data in 20 languages for 25 countries. The Content Assistant supports SEO writing in 17 languages.

Clusteric is a desktop tool benefiting from Clusteric premium API, which extends the analysis scope by providing additional parameters such as visibility metrics or social network share counters.

The user begins by selecting one of the analysis modes, which include: the link profile audit, competitor’s backlinks analysis, domain’s visibility analysis, expired domains selection, link prospecting (with the built-in link harvester), keyword difficulty analysis, on-site audit, Search Console API export or contact details extraction… or by defining his own mode.

With a large number of different analysis modes and the ability to combine them, Clusteric supports SEO experts on every  stage of their work.

Clusteric may be a nice all-round tool for a beginner, but also a powerful data source for advanced users.

The two base functionalities of SurferSEO are creating optimized content and optimizing your existing content.

To run an analysis, you have to provide the keyword and location you want to rank for as well as the type of device that you want to target. If your page has already been published, you should go with the SERP Analyzer tool. Inside, you can find the “audit” option. Upon clicking it, you receive a report with the most vital information from your competitors’ sites, data analysis, and list of components to fix. For content that’s yet to be written, Surfer offers the Content Editor tool. Just like SERP Analyzer, the tool gathers and analyzes the data and provides guidelines on how to deliver optimized content. The guidelines are presented in the side panel, which updates as you write.

The efficiency + effectiveness boost for SEO agencies and freelancers are just one layer of Surfer’s benefits. The “quick SEO wins” pointed out in the Audit report as well as the Content Editor writing guidelines can be easily used and applied by anyone who publishes content online. Even if you’re an SEO rookie, Surfer will have your back.


Do you know other interesting solutions on the Polish or other local markets that deserve global recognition? Perhaps some great and underestimated tools cannot break into the mainstream? Be sure to write to us about it!


DevaGroup – Krzysztof Marzec – CEO, Kamil Leśniak – Head of Marketing, Katarzyna Meus – Marketing Specialist
SenutoKarolina Matyska –  Content Marketing Manager Senuto
SEMSTORMWojciech Karwowski CTO Semstorm and  Katarzyna Ambrożewicz, Marketing Manager
ClustericDamian Kiełbasa, Co-owner
SurferSEOMichał Suski Co-Founder Surfer SEO

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