The Changing Face of Search Awards

How does the changing face of Search affect We Are Search Awards?


Our Search Judges are recognised as leading experts in the industry, and they have their fingers on the pulse in terms of algorithms, trends and the changing face of Search. If you want to win a Search Award or make the We Are Search Top 100 read on…

The one thing we all know for sure about Search is it is ever changing; it is continually re-inventing and transforming and Google seem always to be at the heart of any metamorphosis! The pandemic, of course, has had a role to play in change over the past 12 months and figures suggest that the Covid 19 uncertainty has led to more and more people taking to search for answers: for deliveries, for reviews, for business transformation, for medically related questions and for home-school! Search is no longer just essential for business performance it has become essential for living! And the reliance on it, as with Covid 19, is not going to disappear overnight.

What did we see initially happen to Search? PPC spending was vastly reduced, and in some cases stopped/paused to save money and with this change in focus, search campaigns had to be rethought and optimization of organic search had to be relied upon to draw users in. With the vaccine roll out happening these campaigns will shortly need re-evaluation and the PPC roll out will need to remain cohesive and on message.  Our judges are going to want to know how you traversed this landscape successfully – the challenges you faced and how you overcame them, as well as how you performed against your competitors. Sometimes it may not look successful until you see how you have outperformed your competition.

Word on the street about algorithms is about UX. Our judges are always ahead of the curve and have had their eye on this over the past few years. Our judging criteria is regularly reviewed to accommodate the changing face of search, so if Google are upping the emphasis, you can be sure our judges will be too.

The value of Search has always been about the audience. Business objectives, strategically and creatively designed with target audience at the heart of the process, which increases conversion and engagement. Our Judges ask about ‘Audience & Strategy’ and it is important you show how you reached them to meet your objectives. Remember it is exceptionally rare for a target audience to be everyone, as that includes children!

Enter any of the Search Award Series and you will see our entry form and judges are already looking for campaigns that embrace a user-centric approach which bridges not only search engine visibility, but also working to satisfy user needs. This is why we and the industry believe our awards are valuable, reputable and trustworthy. Our Awards recognise the best in the business because of the work they are doing, the new ground they are breaking and the benchmark they are setting, even in difficult times.

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Editorial Credit: Judith Lewis, DeCabbit

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