Start Your We Are Search Award Entry Early!

What can you do to help yourselves become the next We Are Search Award Winner?

To maximise your chance of winning a We Are Search Award and make the Top 100 you need to plan ahead. Decide which awards and categories you are going to enter and which campaigns, technologies and teams you are going to submit for judges’ feedback and evaluation. Then visit the award’s website and download your entry forms, these documents are key as they are your guide to what information and evidence you need to provide.


Evidence is vitally important

Every declaration you make about your work must be quantified and evidenced. Gather the data that supports your key points and make sure they are clear and easy to understand to someone outside of your organisation. The evidence should relate to the impact your work has had on business productivity, customer experience and ROI.

One of the questions we are regularly asked around evidence and data is about confidentiality and privacy. Rest assured all judging sessions are confidential and are not discussed with any parties outside of the judging panel. Judges only access entries they have been allocated for judging and delete all judging materials immediately after the judging period is finished.

Data and evidence gathering is not easy, but winning an award is hard work and takes time, so make space in your diary, Award wins are worth it!


Tell Your Story

The word count for a We Are Search Award is 1,000 words, so telling your story means you need to be succinct. The judges want to know where your journey began, the landscape you traversed, the mountains you climbed and the jubilation when you reached the peak of success. This may take a few edits and rewrites, which means more time! We suggest you get the content team involved; they know how to make every single word count.


Get the Job Done

We often hear companies say, “we wanted to enter, but we just didn’t have the time.”  Don’t miss out this year and don’t let time get the better of you, get organised early and don’t panic! It isn’t easy, it is time consuming and sometimes challenging but the benefits, a whole other article, are exponential and ROI will not disappoint.


Start Early & Don’t Miss Deadline

Did you know We Are Search Awards are launched approximately 12 weeks before entry deadline? This is because we know that the process can be time consuming and if you have never entered before our Award experts have time to help you with advice and guidance, including the Don’t Panic Guide to Entering an Award.


In Conclusion

The fact is We Are Search Award entries takes time to perfect and this is not a last-minute process. If they were easy, they wouldn’t be worth the trophy they are written on? Award winners, win business and in a competitive market you need to be a cut above the rest. Open for entry now US Search Awards and UK Search Awards. Launching Soon MENA Search Awards and APAC Search Awards.


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