Finalist Assets & What they Say about YOU!

Finalist Assets say…

‘We are one of the best agencies in the Search Industry’


Making the finals and the shortlist for any We Are Search Award is an incredible achievement that should be celebrated and putting yourself in the Search spotlight using your finalist assets is the first step.

Award Judges across all our Award Series are esteemed, leading industry experts and we ensure there is never any conflict of interest. So, whether you enter a Canadian, US, European, Global, APAC, MENA or UK Search Award you can be rest assured your work is being examined fairly and finalist assets are awarded on merit.

Making the finals of the competition is a demonstration of your hard work and success and believe us when we say, if the judges don’t feel work is up to their high standards, they don’t award a finalist or winner. Harsh, we know, however this ensures the Award accolades are deserved and can be trusted by the industry. Our awards are #notapopularitycontest!

Finalist Assets:

Every finalist is presented with a set of digital assets to promote their success when the shortlist announcement takes place.

  • Instagram square
  • Badge & Banner
  • Animation – a 10 second video

These assets have been designed for you to use for the duration of your year in the spotlight. Even if you are not a Winner you have achieved industry recognition which is worth celebrating until you come to fight for the title again the following year.


Absolute Digital Media show how using finalist assets is done:

What do Finalist Assets do for business?

A finalist badge says very clearly that you are one of the best in the industry.

Use it to:

  • Raise awareness – clients are drawn to examples of work and, dare we say it reviews! Social proof is not going to disappear anytime soon. Your finalist badge is the ultimate social proof from industry experts!
  • Retain Interest – Once you have grabbed the attention of your audience, they are going to dig a little deeper into your work which we have already endorsed with an asset.
  • Establish Loyalty – Clients who share in the excitement of an award entry will remain loyal


Thread your finalist assets through your promotion whenever and wherever you can. Award marketing assets grab the attention of your audience, potential new clients and employees.

Where can you use your Assets?

The simple answer to this is wherever you like but we recommend:

  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Social media
  • Website
  • Infographics
  • Adverts

An Award Asset Speaks a Thousand Words

We Are Search Awards are industry respected so use your assets to demonstrate your credibility, success and achievements.

Search Awards Judge: Michelle Wilding-Baker says…

“The Awards are one of the toughest Awards events I judge. The quality and calibre of entries is extremely high, and so if you win or are highly commended, it’s an achievement to get through ‘the gauntlet’. They’re esteemed because of that.”

A We Are Search Award asset says look at us we are outstanding, we are someone you want to work with, we are creative, innovative and at the cutting edge of the digital industry.


We hope to see your award assets adorning your websites soon and don’t forget if you have made the shortlist we will be sharing your success across our social media channels before the announcements.

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