UK Search Agencies it’s time to celebrate your Company Culture

Celebrate all of Your Company Culture, Not Just The Fun Bits!


Company Culture has always been important, but it is only in recent years that it has stepped into the limelight as an integral part of why people should work for you, and with you. The Search Awards have always celebrated company culture as part of the Best Agency categories, however, the UK Company Culture Awards dive deeper into what makes you agency a great place to work!

A strong culture that unifies your business and underlines your identity attracts new, retains, and develops existing talent, which bodes well for your future. It also adds to your brand, which appeals to new clients who share your values.

Company Culture isn’t all about away days and fun activities in the office, which you can blog and post about on social media. Company Culture is deeper and more meaningful. It is about the initiatives you have that support your employees at work and in life, it is about the policies you have around equality and diversity, it is about the programmes you have in place to develop your employees and grow the next generation. It is even about the software you use to measure your people’s satisfaction and well-being.


The question is, how do you showcase your company culture?


The UK Company Culture Awards recognise and reward businesses, agencies and teams that aspire to be the best cultural organisations in the country. The Awards are judged by cultural ambassadors and senior leaders who are committed to cultural transformation. They are looking to champion businesses that are getting it right and pushing their Culture to the next level.

If you are proud of what you do, day in and day out, then visit the UK Company Culture Awards website for details of categories and judging criteria.


If you decide to enter, here are the top tips from the panel.


1. Demonstrate how you implemented your initiatives/programmes and the challenges you faced.

2. Diversity is important, but don’t just say you do it. Show and prove what you are doing.

3. Aspirations need to be supported with frameworks that show they can be achievable

4. Include data; it helps judges understand the what, how and results

5. Include your objectives and financials to show what you achieved on your budget.


Like the Search Awards, the robust two-step judging process ensures that every category is pre-scored by each judge and then thoroughly discussed at the final judging session. Collaboratively they award winners and, in some cases, when the competition is so tight that there is just a single point between submissions, a silver award. All entries receive judge feedback once all sessions have been completed.

Celebrate your company culture and be recognised for the difference you make by downloading your entry form today.

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