The Importance of Recognising Your Rising Stars

Rising Star Awards celebrate individuals who are setting the benchmark in your organisation for innovative thinking, commitment to goals and personal contribution to the success of the overall business.


Why Enter Your Rising Star?

The Rising Star is a much-coveted title at the UK, US, European, APAC, MENA and Global Search Awards and just being nominated for a Rising Star Award by your Senior Management Team means the world to nominees.


What a Rising Star does for your Agency!

The Rising Star Award also impacts on the business as a whole. Employees see a nomination and the competition as a career goal and focus on achieving results for the business and their team. Although awarded to an individual, it is always the team that celebrates the win.


What the Judges Say…

Judges also love the Rising Star competition. They believe that recognition of new talent is an investment in the future, not only of individual companies but in the digital industry as a whole and the awards can be a driving force in keeping the digital industry at the cutting edge of development.

Judge David Chadderton agrees

For me, the Rising Star Award is the most interesting category. Entries showcase some of the brightest talent in the industry. Entries are always varied but each has one thing in common – a gifted individual who is smashing their world and destined to become a future leader.  As a judge, you get a snapshot into someone’s journey as a (digital) marketer and the opportunity to help them get the recognition and reward they deserve. Judging this award is truly a gift and privilege. To everyone out there – if you have someone who sets your world on fire, nominate them for the Rising Star Award, it’s about the best thing you can do for them.”


Why Not?

Agencies are sometimes reluctant to nominate employees for the Rising Star Award as they fear they will be tempted to pursue a career elsewhere, however, our nominees and winners tell us differently. They agree that the respect and faith shown in them through their nomination increases their loyalty and commitment and if anything makes them drive further to prove their worth. Yes, their profiles are checked out by the competition, but in the digital community, it is often to wish them well and to make connections, and we all know connections work both ways. Their win not only enhances their personal profile it heightens employee reputation too and this can only attract talent interested in your company.

Time To Act!

So, look around your team today. Who do you feel is your Rising Star? You might have more than one. Invest in their future, support their development and give them the industry recognition they deserve. It is simply the right move!

We are Search celebrate Rising Stars and individuals who are crushing the Search industry at each of their Awards! Join us.

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