Reasons why your brand or agency should sponsor a We Are Search/Don’t Panic event.

In today’s digital age, marketing and advertising have radically evolved. Brands are always on the lookout for new and innovative methods to promote their products and services. Sponsoring events has emerged as an effective way of engaging with audiences and creating brand awareness. And when it comes to events, Don’t Panic is the name associated with ethical, transparent and digital industry awards that celebrate cutting-edge digital campaigns, ground-breaking tech and software, and pioneering teams. As well as running Awards Don’t Panic also delivers networking events that bring together industry experts, agencies and teams who share their expertise and knowledge in relaxed settings that encourage discussion and collaboration amongst peers. These are excellent opportunities for sponsors to get up close and involved.

Exposure to a Targeted and Engaged Audience:

Don’t Panic has a reputation for hosting some of the most innovative and exciting events across various industries. The brand attracts a highly targeted and engaged audience keen on the latest developments in their respective fields. Sponsoring a Don’t Panic event means you will be presented with the opportunity to engage with this captive audience, all of whom are prospects that could be converted to loyal customers.

Benefit from a Strong Partnership:

Sponsoring a Don’t Panic event goes beyond just showcasing your brand to an audience; it also provides a great opportunity to build a strong partnership with a team who put celebration at the heart of what they do. The team at Don’t Panic work closely with sponsors in order to construct a successful partnership that delivers results.

Brand Visibility and Recognition:

Sponsorship of Don’t Panic events provides a great platform for brand exposure. Your logo and message will be visible to all our attendees and our engaged database of xxxx, increasing brand recognition and awareness. With various sponsorship packages available, you can choose the level of visibility that suits your budget and marketing goals. Don’t Panic’s partnership is always fluid and we encourage sponsors and partners to submit content that expands their insights, communication and reach to the audience pre, during and post-event.

Community Contribution:

Don’t Panic prides itself on hosting events that benefit the wider community. As a sponsor, you will not only be promoting your brand and enjoying exposure, but you will also be contributing to the greater good. Supporting and celebrating the incredible work that is being showcased at the event and within the digital marketing industry maintains and sets standards for the future, something that partners can be proud to align their brand with.

Networking Opportunities:

Don’t Panic events offer a valuable opportunity for sponsors to connect with their peers, customers, and other industry partners. The events come with built-in networking opportunities that help sponsors connect with potential customers or partners, all while having a great time.


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Next Steps

Sponsoring a Don’t Panic event is a great decision for any brand or agency looking to establish a presence in their industry, connect with a targeted and engaged audience, and build valuable partnerships. The opportunity for brand recognition, network building, and community contribution is invaluable. So why not take the first step and start exploring sponsorship opportunities with Don’t Panic today?


Download your sponsorship brochure for details of the exciting packages available at our awards ceremonies and contact Helen Barkley to arrange a meeting to see how a Don’t Panic collaboration can work for you.

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